Oct 28, 2010

Free Proposals for Art School Art Critiques

Free Proposals for Art School Art Critiques: "1

Materials required: white noise, Microsoft word, projector

Using any brand of audio editing software, create 30 minutes of white noise. Amplify it by 12 dB, create a six-minute fade in, then save it under the name “noise wall”.

Crank the room speakers up to full volume, and play the noise wall. Making sure that it can be projected onto a screen, or a wall, for everyone to see, open a blank Microsoft Word document. Type into the doc:

“For the next 30 minutes, all critiquing of the project will take place in this text document.”

As the noise wall rises to a volume so unbearable that you feel it in your chest, the audience tension will escalate. As that tension escalates, more people will queue up in line to critique.

Eventually, the noise wall will obliterate the audience who attempts to engage with/critique the piece. Blocking out the sound eventually becomes a lesson in futility; however painful the experience, most semblances of stage fright, shyness, and individuality will be annihilated.

When the 30 minutes come to an abrupt end, everyone will feel an immense relief. A brief recuperation period should be allowed.