Nov 22, 2010

The UKS’ library is composed of member’s donations of own catalogues, portfolios and other publications, old source books, magazines, museum's catalogues, artist's books, books on various theories, books on technique, books on artist's rights, pamphlets… the list goes on and on. All of this material has been meticulously archived and classified according to the famous Dewey Decimal Classification in order to present this material to the public. However with such a dispersed body of information, it still is easy to get lost...

In an effort to consolidate UKS' classification of publications and present material deemed relevant, UKS' civil servant have invited two artist and a designer to work on the library set-up and explicate on the nature of the archive and its presentation.

Artists Andreas Banderas and Natalie Rognsøy have together conceived modular sculptures that have operations such as search, systematization, retrieval and distortion of material at the basis of their production. In the library the sculptures function as displays for publications. Far from being invisible book-holders, the works engage in a dialogue with the presented material.

Designer René Josdal has worked with UKS' miniaturized and color-coded Dewey-system to produce a poster to serve as an entry point to the library's classifications.

If you're confused now -- you should definitely come to the opening Thursday November 25th 7pm.

Curated by Mikael D. Brkic

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